Gyula Farkasinszki offers his unique, original glasses made on

individual request to traders. On one hand the bottles, produced

in different size and limited sets are used for keeping oil and vinegar,

on the other hand for alcoholic drinks.

 A strong demand for the

aforesaid glasses seems to be arising nowadays from the part of

wine traders.


So far Swiss companies contracted the major capacity of the Hungarian

glass manufacturer, but he also sells glass ware to Italy, the Netherlands and to Great Britain.

At present, he is seeking partners in France and other countries

whose customers have a demand for values represented by

special packing.


The highly decorative glasses not only inspire customers to

consume goods, but also to decorate their homes with them, to

make a laid table more elegant.


The samples may convince traders interested in the premium or

delicacy trade business that Gyula Farkasinszki is able to fulfil

all individual demands. The goods will be delivered in excellent

              quality within four to five weeks from the date the order was placed.

              Samples (with content and serial number).

Decorative glasses on individual request